Buffing Wheel Compound – Schaffner buffing compounds for polishing metal


Buffing compounds are made of tightly-sized abrasives held together with glue or grease binders. Different kinds of abrasives are used for finishing various materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood. Buffing compounds are made for the two phases of buffing: "cutting down" and "coloring."

  • Buffing Compound

    Cut Compounds

  • Application: The "cutting down" phase is accomplished using compounds that contain aggressive abrasive materials.
  • Forms Available: Solid Bar & Liquid
  • Product color varies based on formula.

  • Color Compounds

    Color Compounds

  • Application: Applications requiring bright, high-luster finishes undergo a "coloring" buffing process that consists of buffing the surface with a smaller, sometimes less-aggressive, abrasive that brings out the material's natural color.
  • Forms Available: Solid Bar & Liquid
  • Product color varies based on formula.

  • Tripoli Compound

    Tripoli Compounds

  • Application: Our Tripoli buffing compound is ideal for cut and color buffing and bringing out the luster in copper, brass, zinc and die castings.
  • Forms Available: Solid Bar & Liquid
  • Jewelers Rouge

    Jeweler's Rouge

  • Application:Originally developed for the jewelry trade, is used for extremely fine color buffing to produce mirror-like finishes on chrome, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is also used on gold, silver, sterling, platinum and brass.
  • Forms Available: Solid Bar & Liquid
  • Grease Stick

    Grease Stick

  • Application: Schaffner’s abrasive grease stick is your buffing and polishing solution because of our high melting point grease stick and your metal finishing applications.
  • Forms Available: Solid Bar & Liquid