MEG-A-VAT Buffing Compound System

At Schaffner Manufacturing, we've invented a revolutionary concept in the packaging and storage of Buffing Compounds. The MEG-A-VAT® "No Nubbin System" offers these advantages:

  • Holds More Compound Than Conventional Drums
  • Easier & Safer to Use
  • Saves You Time & Money
  • Recyclable

With MEG-A-VAT, drum disposal problems are a thing of the past. If the vat seals are intact, you're eligible for a recycling credit for the buffing compound left inside.

Our square design holds 3,500 lbs. compared to the 2,000-lb. capacity of traditional round vats, so you can go longer between refills.

Additionally, MEG-A-VAT offers superior drainage because the steep side angles at the base encourage faster, more uniform and smoother discharge of the compound. Even high-viscosity compounds flow better, so you don't waste time waiting for compound to drain, or end up throwing away excess compound inside of the vat.