Compare Tripoli

This listing indicates the extremes available in Schaffner cut buffing compound & color buffing compound in solid or cake form for aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, and other non-ferrous metals.

Tripoli Comparison Chart

T-390 - Extreme cut. Large, sharp abrasive particles. No color.

T-380 - Fast cut. Medium sharp abrasive particles. No color.

T-370 - Regular cut. Very slight color. Mixed particles.

T-360 - Regular cut. Slight color. More color particles present.

T-350 - Regular cut. Light color. Large & small color particles.

T-330 - Regular cut & color. Equal amounts of cut & color abrasives.

T-325 - Regular cut & more color particles present.

T-320 - Light cut & higher degree of color.

T-310 - Very slight cut, high color finish.

T-300 - No cut. Color only. Controlled size color particles only.

Midway between the extremes of cut & color is formula T-330. This is a good starting point when establishing a new job.

If more cut is needed, the higher number, faster cutting compounds should be tried.

If more color is needed, the lower number, brighter coloring compounds should be tried.

Schaffner solid bar buffing compounds can be furnished in a regular, hand-bar size for hand application or In a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. For automatic application either of these can be furnished with the Schaffner cost-saving, safety "NO NUBBIN" holder.