Flap Wheel Diameter & Width

How to Select a Flap Wheel Diameter

In order for the flap wheel to run at peak efficiency, the correct Surface Feet per Minute (SFPM) should be considered. For example, you would like to polish a brass casting and you shaft is turning 1650 rpm's, a 16" diameter flap wheel would be a good place to start because the combination of the diameter of the flap wheel and the rpm's of the shaft give you approximately 7,000 (SFPM) which is a recommended starting point for polishing brass. It should be noted that as the wheel wears, (SFPM) is lost, but because the flaps are closer to the center plate they become stiffer and thereby compensate to some degree for the loss of (SFPM).

The table below illustrates the (SFPM) for a variety of metals in the polishing operations

Diameter Chart

How to Select a Flap Wheel Width

In choosing a width for a flap wheel it is a good idea to be slightly over the width of the part to be polished. This allows the wheel to groove slightly and make it easier to run production.

Arbor size - Schaffner Manufacturing manufactures to the specific needs of its customers. Therefore, there are no standard arbor sizes and we can make exactly what the customer needs.

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