Flap Wheel Grain & Backing

How to Select a Flap Wheel Grain

Aluminum Oxide is the most common grain. It does not fracture as easily as silicon carbide S/C, thus leaving a duller cut, but it normally lasts longer, and is the grain of choice for most metal working. Its long life makes it more economical than silicon carbide.

Silicon Carbide or S/C flap wheel backing is normally used on metals such as Titanium. It fractures easily exposing a sharp edge, and cuts sharper and finer. It is sometimes used where a cosmetic finish is desired.

How to Select a Flap Wheel Backing

X weight is by far the most common flap wheel backing we sell. It is a heavy duty, long-lasting semi-flexible backing, making it the work horse of the industry.

Y weight is a rigid flap wheel backing made of a synthetic material, usually polyester, giving the material an extremely long life.

J weight is used where flexibility is a must.

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