Division of Buffing Safety Line

Safety Line

For safety's sake, all buffing wheels should be divided into two areas, The Safe Area and the Unsafe Area.


This is the area on the buff that is rotating AWAY from the work piece.


This is the area of the buff that is rotating towards the work piece.

The dividing line between those two areas is a line from the work piece through the arbor. The pressure against the buff with the work piece must be from a direction that causes contact on that area of the buff which is rotating away from the work piece.

Safety Line

Buffing Safety of Hooks, Corners, and Sharp Edges

When buffing or polishing a product that has sharp corners, edges, or hooks these areas should be buffed so that the buff flows off or away from the the edge or hook rather than catch on the corner.

Buffing Safety of Product

Safety Line

Three quarters (3/4)of each side may be buffed safely before turning the bar over to buff the remaining one quarter (1/4) of the work piece.

Buff only as far as figure (B) and then flip the piece over to finish buffing the work piece as shown in figure (C).