Shaping a Flap Wheel

When using an flap wheel to finish a work piece, it is necessary to shape the face of the flap wheel in order to provide a better contour and contact with the product. The object of shaping a flap wheel is to wear down the cloth portion of the flap wheel no the abrasive coating.

The Fast Way To Shape A Flap Wheel


To shape the face of a flap wheel is to put a course grit, coated abrasive against the wheel while running it backwards. This will wear down the cloth of the wheel and create the desired contour shape.

A Faster Way To Shape A Flap Wheel


If your production requirements are large enough, simply give Schaffner a drawing or a worn out flap wheel. We can manufacture a new flap wheel made to the specified shape to meet your needs. You may contact us or request a quote online, and have the ability to upload your drawing. A fast and convenient way to improve your production.