Solid Bar Buffing Compound

Solid Bar

Schaffner manufacturing makes a wide range of solid bar buffing compounds for commercial and industrial applications. Schaffner solid bar buffing compound can be furnished in a regular, hand-bar size for hand-application or in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Below is a listing of the different solid bar buffing compounds.

Stainless Steel Buffing Compound

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For Stainless or Cold Rolled Steel

Stainless Steel Buffing Compound (Very Dry)

Intended for use on work that has a good smooth surface to start with such as light stampings and mouldings, or to be used as a "coloring" compound to bring out a mirror-bright luster after the work has first been buffed down smooth by a previous buffing operation.

Stainless Steel Buffing Compound (Medium)

Greasy, fast cutting compound suitable for buffing down and coloring out the work in one operation. This is our most popular all-around grade for the large variety of average work.

Stainless Steel Buffing Compound (Medium Dry)

Because sharp abrasives have been blended into the formula, an extra fast cutting action is produced. Ideal for buffing out light tool marks or scratches. Its use may reduce or entirely eliminate previous polishing wheel operations.

Stainless Steel Buffing Compound (Dry)

A grade of compound with a very fast cutting action achieved through fine but sharp cutting abrasive particles blended in the formula. For wide use for cutting down and coloring small work in one buffing operation. Leaves the work clean and free of any trace of grease or smut.

Tripoli Buffing Compound

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For Copper, Brass, Aluminum, and Zinc Die Castings

Tripoli Buffing Compound is one of the oldest and most widely used buffing compositions for cutting down and bringing out a high luster on nonferrous metals. Its fast cutting and bright coloring action on such metals have created its wide use on all types of zinc die castings, shoot and cast brass, copper-plated work and aluminum castings and stampings. For buffing down castings and stampings, a greasy grade is most generally selected because the extra percentage of grease binders keeps the compound on the buff face longer and hence the cutting action is greater.

Tripoli Buffing Compound (Very Dry)

Recommended for use on light work that requires very little surface cutting down. Excellent for sheet brass or aluminum stampings, small zinc or cost brass die-cast parts or for "color buffing" copper plated articles to a bright, clear finish. Leaves the work very clean and does not pack down in recesses or crevices.

Tripoli Buffing Compound (Dry)

A dry grade of Tripoli Compound is used extensively on small work of brass, aluminum, zinc die castings and copper plated articles. Has a faster cutting action than Very Dry Tripoli Compound listed above, because the bar contains a larger percentage of grease binders; however, it does leave the work clean and free from a smutty or greasy film.

Cut and Color Tripoli Buffing Compound

A medium dry type of compound often referred to as "Double Duty Tripoli" because it cuts down and colors the work in one buffing operation on many applications. The grease binders have a high melting point making the tripoli bar quite hard. Recommended for buffing copper plated articles, brass, bronze, aluminum and zinc die castings in all forms.

Tripoli Buffing Compound (Medium Greasy)

A medium greasy grade which has very good cutting and coloring qualities making it an ideal compound for shops running a variety of work.

Tripoli Buffing Compound (Greasy)

Extra fast cutting grade of Tripoli containing a high percentage of artificial abrasive combined with Tripoli Powder, which produces a faster cutting action. Used extensively on heavy buffing work and all types of automatic buffing machines.