Buffing Machine Stacks & Shafts

When using an automatic buffing machine to perform buffing and polishing, the position of the shaft and stack can make the difference between quick and easy buff wheel changes and more difficult changes.

The Position Makes The Difference.

When the shaft of an automatic buffing machine head is pointed to the ground, every buffing wheel change is more difficult and time consuming.

Conversely, if the shaft on the machine is pointed upward, every buff wheel change is faster and easier, making your production work more efficient.

Shafts Shafts

Some applications prohibit turning the head so that the shaft points upward. Likewise, some applications require wide head buffs inter-mixed with spacers.

Schaffner Manufacturing makes a patented buff wheel stack buff to meet these situations. Improve quality and reduce time with a Schaffner stack buff.


Schaffner can build a buff stack to meet your specifications for shaft type, buff diameter, buff width and spacing. All Schaffner stack buffs are balanced and stacks compressed.

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