Using Non-woven Flap Wheels

Using Flap Wheels

Here are some helpful hints for working with flap wheels:

  • Spindle speed doesn't need to be adjusted as the tool wears
  • The shorter the flaps become, the stiffer they are, thereby compensating for the reduced surface feet per minute (SFPM)
  • The cutting and finishing action of a Schaffner flap wheel is the same from the time a new wheel is put into use until the wheel is removed
  • The higher the SFPM, the higher the rate of cut
  • Using Flap Wheels
  • Slower speed will lengthen the scratch & create a more decorative finish
  • Ideal SFPM for Cleaning is 2,000-5,000
  • Ideal SFPM for De-Burring is 3,000-6,500
  • Ideal work pressure for Cleaning & De-Burring is 10-20 lbs./in.
  • Ideal SFPM for Decorative Finish is 500-2,500
  • Ideal work pressure for Decorative Finish is 5-10 lbs./in.