Schaffner flap wheels are made of abrasive and/or non-woven flaps radiating from a hub (center). Flap wheels come in many different shapes and sizes, with outside diameters ranging typically from 4" to 24". The hub holds the flaps together at the periphery and defines the flap wheel's arbor at the center. Flaps are attached to the hub, and to each other, using various materials, the most common one being adhesive or glue.

  • Finger Flex Flap Wheel

    Finger Flex Flap Wheels

  • Application: Contoured or oddly shaped parts.
  • Cloth and Sisal Flap Wheel

    Cloth & Sisal Flap Wheels

  • Application: Aggressive yet Compliant Cut
  • Sizes: 4"-24" outer diameter
  • Cloth and sisal is laminated to produce an aggressive, yet compliant, cut buffing flap wheel that quickly removes die lines, orange peels, and grit lines. This leaves the surface uniform and ready for final finishing.

  • Hybrid Flap Wheel

    Hybrid Flap Wheels

  • Application: Less Aggressive Cut
  • Sizes: 12"-24" outer diameter
  • A combination of the mechanical (segmented wheel) and the epoxy (glued center) wheel yields a quieter, more operator friendly wheel. Hybrids can be made with three different pack amounts - 14, 26, & 38. The larger diameter 38 segment wheel can accommodate a 6" shaft. These wheels are easily stacked to cover shafts as wide as 4'. Wheel can be custom made to fit your application ranging from 2" wide to 12" wide and diameters from 12" to 24".

  • Custom Flapwheel image

    Custom Flap Wheel

    • Quick Turnaround
    • Contoured for Specific Parts
    • HDM (Heavy-Duty Mechanical) for Extreme Operations
    • Non-Woven for Cosmetic or Satin Finishing
    • Interleafed to Cushion the Feel or Reduce Loading
    • Slashed and Staggered Slashed Flaps (softens wheel & promotes conformity)
    • Treated Flap Wheels (reduced loading & refined cut)
    • Mini Flap Wheels for Tight Spots
    • Cloth & Sisal Combination and Cloth Only (ideal for buffing)