Hybrid Flap Wheels – Belanger Style

Our Hybrid Flap Wheel is a combination of a mechanical segmented wheel and epoxy (glued center) wheel making a quieter, operator friendly wheel.

Hybrid Hub

Hybrid Flap Wheel
  • Application: Standard Duty
  • Sizes: 12"-24" outer diameter
  • A combination of the mechanical (segmented wheel) and the epoxy (glued center) wheel yields a quieter, more operator friendly wheel. Hybrids can be made with three different pack amounts - 14, 26, & 38. The larger diameter 38 segment wheel can accommodate a 6" shaft. These wheels are easily stacked to cover shafts as wide as 4'. Wheel can be custom made to fit your application ranging from 2" wide to 12" wide and diameters from 12" to 24".