Jewelers Rouge Polishing Compound

Jeweler's Rouge got its name from the jewelry industry, when jewelers would use a fine grit polishing compound to work with precious metals like silver and gold. These metals and the work pieces being of the highest quality required a polishing compound that would deliver the highest quality finish of both surface finish as well as the natural color of the metal. Today, Jeweler's rouge refers to a specific type of polishing compound that is also designed to bring a mirror like finish to higher end metals. Schaffner manufactures a variety of jeweler's rouge to meet your specific requirements.

Red Bright Jeweler's Rouge

The abrasive medium is a superfine, soft red rouge combined with just enough hard grease binders to keep the compound on the buffing wheel. Used to bring out a high color on Gold, Silver, Sterling, Platinum and Brass.

White Jeweler's Rouge

An extremely dry grade of compound made with ultra-fine, soft abrasive powders. Produces a clear, brilliant, mirror-like finish on chromium, stainless, carbon steel, brass and aluminum.

Green Jeweler's Rouge

A very dry compound made with green chromium oxide powder. Used in the jewelry trade for extremely fine color buffing jobs on all classes of metals. To a mirror bright finish and to remove light "metal fuzz" or lap lines without disturbing the essential dimensions of the work.

Solid Bar Form

Jewelers Rouge Polishing Compound
  • Standard Sizes: Hand-bar (10"L x 2.5"W x 2"H) - Custom sizes available
  • Product color varies based on formula.

Liquid Form

Jewelers Rouge
  • Standard Sizes: 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, MEG-A-VAT
  • Liquid compounds are the emulsified form of solid buffing compounds and are water-soluble.